Methorelax tab



Mehocarbamol 400mg &Paracetamol 325mg


Methocarbamol is a central muscle relaxant which depresses poly synaptic pathway

Paracetamol is a central  non steroidal preventing the conversion of arachodonic acid to PGs by suppression of cycloxygenase enzyme.


    1. Low back pain
    2. Myositis
    3. Soft tissue disorders (Sprains or Strains)
    4. Torticolis
    5. Prolapsed intervertebral disc (Sciatica)
    6. Acute traumatic spasm
    7. Frozen shoulder
    8. Post operative joint

Dosages and administration:

Mild to moderate cases: 1 tab. 3 times daily

Sever cases 2 tab. 3 times daily


Package of 2 strips(each has 10 tablets).