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CEO Message

Dr Mostafa Awad

CEO & Chairman

At Queen Pharm, all our efforts are directed towards providing the Egyptian market with high-quality and diverse pharmaceutical products that bring true value to the medical community and to our people. For a company engaged in a business that affects human lives, it’s our duty to ensure that we behave responsibly in all our daily activities beyond the legal and regulatory obligations. At Queen pharm, transparency, honesty and integrity have always been our core values that define the basis of all our decisions and all our actions. These values have defined Queen pharm since it’s foundation and we believe it’s behind our success for all these years. We are constantly striving to achieve business excellence through applying high quality standards in the handling of our business, maintaining a high level of satisfaction of our customers and the medical community, and continuously developing and training our loyal team. We shall work continuously to provide to our people a stable supply of the top quality cost-effective pharmaceutical products. This vision is supported by our current product portfolio, a rich pipeline of valuable products, and a professional dedicated team. We pride ourselves not only for the goals we have achieved, but also for the way we have achieved them.

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